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Jumaat, 15 Februari 2013


Assalammualaikum Dunia.

Sorry.Aku dah lama tak update entri baru.Aku takde mood.Jangan tanya kenapa.

Last week,the week which i think was the worst ever.Jyeah.I had a fighting with my one of my bestfriend.I don't know why.Maybe it started from me.I'm the one who yelled at her.That time i feel so tensed with my other classmates.I thought that they don't respect me as a monitor.Idk.hmm.

I need some space for myself.Biarkanlah benda tu semua dah berlalu.Past is past.In fact,aku dah tak sanggup lagi.Really.Being a monitor is the most things i HATE in this world.

You,please give me some courage to continue this 'Jihad'


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